A few days ago (February 26th) Darren attended a press day for “American Buffalo” with his fellow cast mates, Laurence Fishburne and Sam Rockwell. Check out interviews and photos from the photo call below!

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Darren recently went head to head with his fan for iHeartRadio’s fan vs artist trivia. Who do you think knows Darren better? Watch the video below to find out!

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Check the post below for a roundup of all the latest Midway news & content, including a new trailer, stills and more!

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Darren visited Ryan Seacrest today (July 12th) to discuss his new single “Crash Into Me”. Watch the video below, and check out photos from his visit in the gallery!

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Fresh off presenting at the Tony Awards, Darren Criss stopped by the Elvis Duran Show to talk his new trailer AND single for Taco Bell, his night at the Tony’s and more!

The Emmy and Golden Globe winner recently filmed a trailer-style commercial for a fake film called “Chasing Gold” for Taco Bell. In the commercial, Darren plays a parking attendant and singer, Zack Collins, who becomes a pop star by singing about his love of nacho fries. “The melt of your cheese brought me to my knees / You got me begging baby, please don’t leave,” Criss serenades as his character Zack Collins, is being showered by the fries.

When asked in the studio with Elvis Duran, whose idea it was to have the fries raining down on him Criss replied, sarcastically, “Well let’s just say when they say ‘Darren here’s some fries do whatever you want,’ it’s just gonna happen.”

Criss continues saying, “What’s fun is I love Taco Bell, I’ve got no skin in this game, they didn’t pay me to say that there’s nothing like I objectively loved Taco Bell and I if I could tell my college self that I would be sitting on the Elvis Duran Show talking about Taco Bell like that’s – that’s hilarious to me.”

If you didn’t know Taco Bell has been filming high production trailer commercials, “So yeah, they came to me with this idea that was so funny they I don’t know if you saw the other commercials they did during the had some during the Super Bowl where they have these really high production level like trailers for fake movies that I’m a sucker for a good you know silly pun it was like with a web of fries like this conspiracy thriller and then James Martin did one, but they’re so well done and they they kind of just oh that really great line between just taking the pests and being so silly but also like it looks amazing.”

He reveals to Elvis that when he found out he was doing the commercial, he “couldn’t believe it,” and he, “was so happy, it was everything that I love.”

Check out a photo of Darren visiting Elvis Duran in the gallery below!

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